Recycling By 2025

The European Green Deal and what it means for the packaging industry

Many years before the European Green Deal, Profol has developed innovative and sustainable solutions for packaging products such as CPPouch and CPPeel. We were already awarded for our engagement in innovative and sustainable packaging solutions, including the German Packaging Award in 2018 and 2020.

The packaging industry is one of the affected subjects of the European Green Deal. According to the European Green Deal, all plastic packaging placed on the market in the EU should be recyclable or reusable by 2030. Half of the plastic material must be recyclable by 2025. The requirements from Brussels are implemented in national regulations for example by the German Packaging Act. Therefore, the European Green deal has far-reaching consequences for the packaging design.

Today’s typical flexible packaging solutions are multilayer structures made of different materials such as paper, different plastic types and aluminum. These structures cannot be separated in waste sorting plants and are not recyclable.

An additional packaging is the yogurt cup with a bottom part made of plastic and a lid made of aluminum foil. Cleanly separated, the two materials can be recycled. However, 70% of users do not separate them and a small amount of aluminum on the rim of the cup destroys its ability to be recycled.

Mono-material packaging products are a preferred solution to address this issue and meet the requirements of the European Green Deal. Mono-material solutions consist of single polyolefins like polypropylene in multilayer structures such as CPP laminated with BOPP. These mono-material packaging concepts are easy to sort and to recycle. Profol processes PP, a fully recyclable material, which means it can be easily regranulated for a second life. Mono-material packaging solutions from Profol are a sustainable alternative that is 100% recyclable while offering comparable properties. The high but necessary requirements for packaging products can be met with mono-material solutions from Profol.

For companies that want to adapt and rethink the transition to a circular economy at an early stage, the PP expert Profol offers the right prerequisites. Whatever the market or application, the Profol solutions are almost limitless. Contact us, we are at your side!

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