Battery film


CPP films and aluminum are used as strong sealing media in battery pack applications and can be either dry lamination and thermal lamination.The high chemical resistance and strong, tight sealing properties of Profol CPP films make them the optimal laminating film for batteries and photovoltaic storage devices.

Production capacity:

  • Class 1000 purified production workshop.
  • 100% online full inspection.
  • Darkroom offline secondary sampling inspection.
  • The lowest crystal point standard in the industry.
  • +/- 2um thickness tolerance.

Important Functions

  • Excellent electrolyte resistance.
  • Good deep-drawing molding property, anti-stretching whitening.
  • Low crystal point production technology guarantees ultra-low defect rate.
  • Uniform sol whitening and high heat sealing strength.
  • Non-Japanese raw material formula, stable supply.
  • High electrolyte peel strength resistance.
  • Super high smooth COF<0.3.


  • Thickness range: 40 – 250μm
  • Width: up to 2,700mm
  • Colors: Haze or transparent


Oliver Rüsseler

Senior Product Manager

Udo Steinhauer

Director Business Development & Marketing

Frank Chen

Business Development Manager


Business Development Manager

Penny Liu

Key Account Manager

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