Battery film

PP fully loaded

直接从洁净室进行:作为电池应用中的强力密封介质铝塑膜,可以应用干法粘合,也可热法粘合。Profol 薄膜具有高耐化学性以及坚固、紧实的密封接缝,这使它们成为电池和光伏储能装置的最佳复合膜。

Important functions

  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Good formability
  • Excellent laminating properties
  • Very high seal strength


  • Thickness range: 40 – 250μm
  • Width: up to 2,400mm
  • Colors: White or transparent


Oliver Rüsseler

Senior Product Manager

Udo Steinhauer

Director Business Development & Marketing

For Asia: Sky Mo

Sales & Marketing Manager

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