Hotmelt film

Properties to melt away

Producing a thermoplastic hybrid composite from natural fibers such as flax, hemp, wool or even glass and carbon fiber is easy and safe with our low-viscosity melting PP film.

Our polypropylene resin high MFR of up to 150 enables reliable wetting and flow around each fiber. Thus, calculable values for further thermoplastic processing are achieved. The easy handling of the film from roll to roll or roll to sheet allows clean and reproducible production. In addition, the use of polypropylene ensures the solutions is recyclable.


Important functions

  • Light, uniform and low viscosity melting
  • High degree of efficient impregnation in the semi-finished product – predictable further processing in downstream processes such as thermoforming or injection molding
  • Thickness range from 50µm to 250µm allows a wide variety of applications
  • Recyclability of polypropylene


  • Thickness range: 50 – 250μm
  • Width: up to 2,800mm
  • MFR 40 or 150
  • Colors: black or natural


Oliver Rüsseler

Senior Product Manager

Frank Chen

Business Development Manager

Penny Liu

Key Account Manager

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