Adhesive base film

Solutions that stick

Profol’s self adhesive films,  whether electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, screens or automotive applications. It’s hard to imagine these industrial products without adhesive films. For many, bonding is the new alternative to screws or nails, and you can thank Profol’s PP film for this transition. Because precise application properties inspire technicians and robots alike.

Self-adhesive equipped with defined adhesion values or prepared for adhesive coating. With PP films from Profol it sticks, it protects, it holds!


  • Self-adhesive process film

  • Self-adhesive protective film

  • Mounting Film Electronics

  • Antivibration film

  • Noise reduction

Important functions

  • High purity PP films
  • Thickness stable and dimensionally accurate
  • Thermostable for fast coating
  • Self-adhesive with defined adhesion value


  • Thickness range: 30 – 70μm
  • Width: up to 2,500mm
  • Adhesive force Self-adhesive 1-3g, 5-10g or 10-100g (PC plate-180° peel)
  • Colors: transparent glossy or matte, blue, yellow, green


Oliver Rüsseler

Senior Product Manager

Udo Steinhauer

Director Business Development & Marketing

Frank Chen

Business Development Manager

Penny Liu

Key Account Manager

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